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The new MSSF Teacher Scholarship will reward up to two teachers, one elementary school educator and one middle/high school educator, free admission to the MSSF Mendocino Woodlands Foray this November 2011.  To be considered for the scholarship, please read through the list of expectations and requirements and fill out the application form by the deadline.  Thank you for your interest in learning and teaching about mushrooms.  We look forward to sharing and spreading our fungi knowledge with you.


  • The award recipient will aim to integrate mycological education and programming within their classroom.
  • Documentation of classroom process is encouraged and can be shared with MSSF as:
    • A write up to be included in Mycena News
    • Photos placed on the MSSF website
    • Teacher and/or student mushroom class worksheets
  • Some additional potential programming ideas for award recipients:
    • Build a mushroom garden at school
    • Mushroom education signage (placed at School, Parks, community gardens)
    • Create a classroom display table for the Fungus Fair
    • Other topics could include: cultivation, identification, culinary, artistic, etc.

Requirements for Mendocino Woodlands Foray Scholarship:

  • Must be a teacher working in an accredited public, private or charter school setting during the 2011-2012 school year.
  • Scholarship is open to non-MSSF members, however preference will be given to MSSF members in good standing.
  • Completed  Teacher Scholarship Form
  • A one page statement on why you want to attend a MSSF Educational Foray and how you would include mycological programming into classroom curriculum.
  • The mushroom programming created by the teacher should be completed by the end of MSSF season (May) when the scholarship is awarded. (*there is a possibility of extending mushroom programming to the next MSSF season based on the teacher’s present curriculum needs and timelines)

How to Apply:

  1. Bring submission materials to a MSSF General meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month at the Randall museum, San Francisco.
  2. Mail submission materials to:  MSSF Teacher Scholarship;  1395 Golden Gate Ave #307;   San Francisco, CA 94115
  3. Email submission materials to David Gardella:




  • A person can apply to different types of MSSF scholarships but will only be selected for one type of scholarship per season.
  • Present recipients of each scholarship are ineligible to receive the same scholarship in consecutive years.  There must be a period of at least one year for the recipient to receive a previously awarded educational scholarship.

Additional Questions?

Contact David Gardella, MSSF Councilor:

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