Mendocino Woodlands Foray 2018

What to Expect”

Dear Woodland Forayer,

Thank you for registering for the 2018 MSSF Mendocino Woodlands Foray, November 9-11. On-site check-in for the foray starts at 2:00 pm on Friday afternoon, and continues late into the evening (10:00 pm). It continues on Saturday morning for those arriving after 10 pm Friday, or Saturday morning. Registration will be in the main dining hall, (DH on the camp-1 map) and signs will direct you there when you arrive at Mendocino Woodlands. All cabins are pre-assigned by the registrar – at the time you check in, we will let you know which cabin you have been assigned. [If you haven't been to Mendocino Woodlands before, please print out your own copy of the facility map so that you can find your cabin more easily.]

If you have never been to Mendocino Woodlands before, it is recommended that you try to arrive before dark.

Early-bird forays on Friday will “NOT” be conducted this year. It is recommended that participants wishing to forage on Friday do so on the way to camp, or go for a hike near the Mendocino Woodlands area after you arrive.

Friday’s dinner will be available until 10:00 pm, if you expect to arrive later, plan on eating on your way to camp or bring snacks.

Bring lots of warm clothes, especially wool or other materials that will keep you warm even when damp. Be sure to bring a 3-season sleeping bag.

Bring a drinking water bottle if you have one. Excellent mountain water is readily available at camp and this will allow us to use less bottled water and reduce the footprint of our camp.

Please note that absolutely no pets are allowed at this event. [Except registered service animals.]

Firewood will be available for those desiring to make fires in their cabins. It is recommended that you bring fire starters for the wood, or as an alternative, bring a couple of presto-logs instead of using the supplied wood. Smoke from the burning wood can be a problem in the cabins and may cause the smoke alarms to activate. (The best idea is to enjoy the large fires in the dining halls before returning to your cabins).

Mendocino Woodlands Cabin Information:

The cabins at the woodlands are rustic. Each cabin contains four beds with thin mattresses and a fireplace. The beds are metal cots with 2” foam mattresses – many people add their own padding (camping pads or other insulation). Because we are there late in the year, plan for cold, damp conditions. The cots are the only furniture the cabins contain, (it's basic, not a fancy resort).

There is no electricity in the cabins. Candles or fuel powered lights are not allowed so please remember to bring battery powered illumination.

Bathroom/shower facilities are strategically placed and shared by groups of cabins.

Parking Policy: Please note that the parking in front of the dining hall, and the flat area just past the bathrooms outside the dining hall, are reserved for staff and the catering personnel. There is plenty of parking available for everyone in the large parking areas on the lower road below the main camp. Those sleeping in vehicles or RV’s also have room on the lower road which is quite level.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations are permitted until 7 days prior to the event with full refund provided less any bank/PayPal fees paid by MSSF. Cancellations less than 7 days in advance may not be refunded.

If you haven't been to Mendo before, please print out for yourself: Directions to camp, Camp Map, Trail Map, Camp Menu, Camp Schedule. They are all available as PDF files on the website.

Additional information and pictures of Mendocino Woodlands Camp can be found at:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the camp directors, David Gardella, Ken Litchfield & Tyler Taunton or the camp registrar, Stephanie Wright. We look forward to your attendance at the foray!

David Gardella, Ken Litchfield & Tyler Taunton: (preferred),

Stephanie Wright: