February Speaker

Wild Mushroom Cookery

        Chad Hyatt
        7 pm PDT, Tuesday, February 15, 2022    

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          Meeting ID: 891 8438 9640
          Passcode: 608192

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President's Message

Peninsula Forays of January 22nd

Mike McCurdy

The annual forays went off as planned
even though the Fungus Fair was canceled


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Culinary Corner

Hanna Docampo Pham

Yellowfoot are upon us~

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Cultivation Quarters

Ken Litchfield

Introduction to the lifestyle categories of useful mushrooms
and their practical applications to mushroom cultivation

(Re-post from September 2015)


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MSSF Winter Forays Update

MSSF Library Update

Curt Haney

‚ÄčThe MSSF library remains open for business!

Checkout how easy it is to borrow!


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Fungus Fair




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Toxic Mushrooms

Brought to you by Mykoweb.com

Yes, they're beautiful, but please don't eat them~

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Calling all Amateur Photographers~

Would you like to have your photos in the newsletter?
Please send your mushroom pics to mycenanews@mssf.org

Fungi Magazine - Fall 2020

Britt A. Bunyard and Tavis Lynch

Fungi Magazine 2020, Epicure
Forest to Table ...and beyond:
A Primer on Mushroom Preservation

With the bounty many people have been
finding recently, this article seems timely.

Suggestions for how to preserve your finds...

Fungal Sources of Bioactive Compounds in Your Medicine Cabinet

Stephanie Wright

Aspergillus terreus

You might very well have a prescription on hand that was derived from a chemical that was initially discovered and extracted from fungi...

did your prescription come from a fungus...
Mycena News - February