May 2022

May Speaker - Ken Litchfield

Wine, Kombucha, Vinegar - How to Ferment by the Herbal Organoleptic Style with Emphasis on Mushrooms

7 pm PDT, Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Cultivation Quarters

Ken Litchfield

Herbal Sugar Extractions for Flavorings and Fermentations
(Repost from Sept. 2016)

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Culinary Corner

Morel Madness


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MSSF Spring Forays Update

Curt Haney

Join the Spring Forays or Foray Yourselves

Morels and more await~


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Vote for California State Mushroom!

CA State Mushroom Banner

California has a state bird, state flower, state animal, even a state lichen, but not a state mushroom! Given California’s wealth of natural resources and the essential role mushrooms play in maintaining our biodiversity, it is time California had a State Mushroom!

Mycologists, mushroom societies, and other fungus lovers from around the state have identified six mushrooms that would best represent our wondrous state. Now we need your help. California residents are invited to vote for their favorite mushroom. The winning selection will be taken to the State Legislature to make it official.

Ballots are due Saturday, May 7 - See the official site to check out the nominated mushroom species, and cast your vote.

Game of Shrooms


There will be a workshop for making Game of Shrooms art pieces
at East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse; from 6pm - 8pm June 8, 2022

at 4695 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA, between 46th & 47th Streets

Bring art elements or donate for materials used.
This is a special, after-hours event.

Other MSSF members are encouraged to hold their own '"Shroom Art Make". The Game of Shrooms commences June 11, 2022 from 12:02am - 11:59pm.
To learn more and get a taster of Games players' creativity check out:  


Science-nerdy binges

Stephanie Wright

I recently stumbled upon some podcasts, blogs and YouTube videos that are worthy of exploration. Beware, you could get addicted, or fall down a rabbit hole of following links...

Let's start in Berkeley.

Well, at the Berkeley Pit, which is a super-fund site that is not in California, it's in Butte, Montana.

And more...
  • NASA images
  • SciShow YouTube Video
  • MicrobeTV - This Week in Microbiology
  • a book author who is a founder of the San Diego Mycology Society (you can find his book in the MSSF Library)
  • Small Things Considered

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Mycena News - May 2022