Fungus Fair, January 29, 2023

2023 Fungus Fair Art panel

Damon Tighe

Damon TigheDamon Tighe will surprise us with the often overlooked

Mushrooms of Lake Merritt

A deep dive into the mushrooms that call Oakland's most beloved urban park home. Many of these are mushrooms commonly seen throughout the San Francisco Bay in urban environments and attributes such as ediblity, toxicity, bioluminescence, UV Fluorescence, dye capacity will be discussed in addition to identification attributes.

Damon contributes regularly to iNaturalist (profile), and has photo collections on Flicker (Foldscope Collection), and Instagram.

Born in Klamath Falls Oregon and raised in Calaveras County of California, Damon Tighe attended Saint Mary’s college of Moraga California where he worked on local newspapers while earning a Biology/Chemistry degree.

He taught High School in Portland, Oregon and moved back to the Bay Area to work on the Human Genome Project. He currently works for Bio-Rad laboratories designing curriculum and training educators from Colorado to the coast in biotechnology.

Agaricus bernardii Clathrus ruber

Past Fairs

The Mycological Society of San Francisco has been hosting 1 or 2 Fungus Fairs each year since 1969. Fairs have been held in San Francisco County, Alameda County, San Mateo County, and Marin County. Historical information is available about previous Fungus Fairs: