Fungus Fair, January 29, 2023

2023 Fungus Fair Art panel

Melany Kahn reads aloud: Mason Goes Mushrooming

Melany Kahn Melany does a very animated reading of the book which lasts about eight minutes followed by a Q&A for the parents and children which lasts about 20 minutes so 30 minutes in all.

This first-of-its-kind foraging story, Mason Goes Mushrooming takes us on a woodland treasure hunt. We follow a young boy and his four-legged pal, Buddy, to hunt edible mushrooms through lush Vermont landscapes, morels in springtime, chanterelles in summer, and black trumpets in autumn.

Curious about mushroom foraging or how you can hear the sound of the ocean without leaving the forest? Mason teaches us it's never too early to learn, and never too late to start. Author (and Mason's mom) Melany Kahn quells common fears by weaving simple education through a playful, fungi-finding adventure.

Four kid-friendly, forest-to-frying pan recipes highlight the flavor notes of the mushrooms featured. A short identification guide is provided for newbie foragers.

Melany Kahn started hunting for mushrooms in Vermont in 1968 at the age of four when her family bought a farm in West Brattleboro. For the last 20 years she has volunteered to teach children how to forage for wild mushrooms.

She attended Wesleyan University, (BA, English/Creative Writing). She holds a Masters in Social Work from Boston College, and an MFA in Film from The Tisch School at NYU where she met her illustration collaborator, Ellen Korbonski.

Melany lives in New Hampshire and Vermont with her husband and children, 3 cats and 17 chickens. They co-own The Porch Cafe in Brattleboro. You can find her leading mushroom walks or foraging at every opportunity.

Mason Goes Mushrooming is her first book.

Mason Goes Mushrooming Foray with Children

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