Did you know that the MSSF has a lively group of members devoted to the pleasures of the gastronomical aspects of mushrooming? Culinary Group members plan and execute a dinner at our meetings each month on the first Monday night, with some exceptions, from September to May, except for December when we join the general group for the sumptuous holiday feast.

Members of the group receive notice of the upcoming dinners in the calendar section of the Mycena News and are sent its menu before the dinner by e-mail or by US mail. Reservations are required for diners and must be made in a timely manner by phone or by e-mail so our cooks know what to buy and prepare. We meet at the Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate Park and begin with appetizers at 7 pm. Dinner is usually served at 8.

We are united in our love of cooking as well as our love of mushrooms. Participants contribute to the dinner either as part of the team that prepares it or by bringing an appetizer to share. At the meetings members contribute ideas and suggestions for the upcoming dinners. With the menu in place, members volunteer do the cooking. The aim is for “chef-for-a-night” members to plan and prepare foods they love and to share them with the group. The cooks are reimbursed for the costs of their ingredients.

Traditionally, these dinners have been designed to take advantage of the wild mushrooms available at the time as well as the best and freshest food of the season. Generally, the menus are centered on mushrooms, may have an ethnic food focus or may center on a special main ingredient or a holiday near the time of the dinner. The dinners are generous from the appetizers to the coffee and dessert. All courses are prepared by volunteers.

To be part of the feast and fun you must be an MSSF member in good standing,  pay an additional small add-on dues fee each Fall to be a member of the culinary special interest group, and agree to participate in cooking a part of one dinner each season.