How to take good care of your grow bag:

Find a spot inside with indirect light and stable room temperature. Some people find the bathroom a good place -the warmth and humidity from showering and bathing helps to keep your grow bag happy.

Keep an eye on the bag-the wood shavings will turn almost all the way white (because the mycelium is growing and eating the food/wood shavings). Once it is almost all the way white, carefully cut two slits in the plastic pin and watch for growth of tiny pinheads in this area-they will start like little bumps and in a day or two will have little dark tips, just like a pin. If you see other pinheads in other areas of the bag, you can carefully cut more slits into the plastic bag to allow them to poke out and mature into recognizable oyster mushrooms.

GreysIf you can, use a spray bottle to mist your babies as they turn into bigger mushrooms. Once a day misting is usually good enough. If you don’t have a misting bottle, the mushrooms will still grow, they just might not get quite as big

You can pick your mushrooms once your mushrooms have caps that are roughly 2 inches across and before the cap edges start to become thinner and curl upwards. This is going to ensure your mushrooms have the best taste and texture. If you pick them when they are bigger, they will still taste good, just maybe the stems will be a little chewier.Greys poking out of bag

If you soak your bag in water after your first harvest and keep an eye on it, you might end up getting more than one harvest.

When your bag seems done, you can add it to your garden to enrich the soil. OR, you can try to use the mycelium (the white stuff) to mix with more food (wet aspen pet bedding works great) and maybe grow even more mushrooms!

Have fun and enjoy your freshly grown mushrooms!

Bag with mycelium and oysters