MSSF Culinary Group

The MSSF Culinary Group is open to all members interested in the gastronomical aspects of mushrooming. We meet on the first Monday of each month, with a few exceptions when a holiday falls on the first Monday, to enjoy each other’s company and have a delicious meal. The dinners are open to current members of MSSF and the Culinary Group, and their guests. We are united in our love of cooking as well as our love of mushrooms.

All participants contribute, either as part of the team that prepares the dinner, or by bringing an appetizer to share. Traditionally, the dinners have been designed to take advantage of the wild mushrooms available, as well as the best and freshest food of the season. The menus are centered on mushrooms, ethnic foods, a particular main ingredient, or a holiday near the time of the dinner. Each dinner is led by a “captain” who sets the menu and organizes volunteers to cook the dishes, as well as handle setup and cleanup.

The Culinary Group is a participatory cooking group. It’s an opportunity to practice your skills and to learn from more experienced cooks. We also help with special events such as the Fungus Fair, and snacks for the general meetings.

To be part of the fun and food, here are the practicalities:

To make your dinner reservations online, go to the MSSF Online Calendar then click on the event, or go to the Members Only area and after logging in, click on event registration.
For assistance or additional information, email Culinary Group questions to .