2018 Mendocino Foray Information

Mendocino Camp 2018: Deep in the Mendocino woods, MSSF members, fellow mushroom enthusiasts, friends and family, gather once again for our annual north coast fungal rite of autumn. This weekend-long spectacular mycological event includes guided forays, presentations, delicious mushroom themed meals and appetizers, , and of course, plenty of mushrooms!

Camp this year features a talk on Saturday evening by Taylor Lockwood.

Friday evening Christian Schwarz will present.

Essential Camp Information
  • If you have never been to Mendocino Woodlands, we advise that you plan to arrive before dark. Sunset on November 9 is at 5:05 PM. Well before sunset, it's dark in many parts of camp because of the dense redwood canopy alongside Little North Fork of Big river where Mendocino Woodlands is located.
  • Camp Schedule: PDF
    Schedule in html
  • What To Expect: PDF
    What To Expect in html
  • Camp Menu: PDF
    Menu in html
  • What to Bring: PDF
  • Directions: PDF
  • Camp Map (Cabin Locations): PDF
  • Jackson State Demonstration Forest Trail Map, if you have PDF Map App on your phone or tablet, the map is downloadable: PDF
  • Mendocino Woodlands Trail Map: PDF
  • Carpooling: Are you interested in connecting with other campers who may want to car-pool with you, or you with them?  
    The website is PrepaTrip.com and is very user friendly and the easiest car-pool organizing site I have ever seen.  Good luck, and see you all in camp.
  • Mushroom Collecting Permits: Details about required permits (FAQ) PDF
    • Any individual who plans to collect any type of mushrooms for personal use in the Jackson Demonstration State Forest, (JDSF) will be required to have a mushroom picking permit, including "foray leaders."
    • Permits can be obtained at the office in Fort Bragg, 802 N Main Street. The office will be open until 5 pm.
    • Each person must sign their own permit. Cursive computer font doesn’t count as a signature, you actually have to download and physically sign the form.
    • Jackson Demonstration Forest Road Closures

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the camp directors, David Gardella, Ken Litchfield & Tyler Taunton or the camp registrar, Stephanie Wright. We look forward to your attendance at the foray!

David Gardella: MendoDirector@mssf.org (preferred), or call 602-617-0150

Stephanie Wright: lioness.chef@gmail.com (510) 388-5009